Manual or automatic? This isn't driving - automatic always saves time!

Repetition tedium - do you or your team spend time repeating the same task?

Double data entry - are you often copying (or copy/pasting) information from one place to another? Or from paper to screen?

Slow going - do some of your processes seem to take a long time? Lots of data entry or manual calculations?

These sorts of processes, and many more besides can be automated and streamlined. Clients often find one person can do the job of five once things are automated, freeing you and other team members to focus on growing the business rather than just keeping things running.

Automate communications with your clients

Perhaps you often write to your customers to tell them that their order is ready, their payment has been taken, or that you need some more information. This is another candidate for automation - your system can send notifications to customers via email or SMS to their mobile phones, either on a schedule or on a trigger event occurring in the system itself (or even an integrated system).


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