Why bespoke software?

Off-the-shelf or bespoke? Off-the-shelf software can be great. It can be cheap, an "industry standard", and might be just the solution for you. But often, businesses find that the off-the-shelf option doesn't quite do what they want it to, or forces them to work in a way that isn't quite natural.

This is completely normal. Any of-the-shelf product uses some variation of the 80-20% rule: build most of the functionality that most of the people want.

But if you can't shoehorn yourself into the one size fits all view of the world, then you can find yourself either having to bend your preferred processes to fit your software, or constantly fight against the way you're "supposed to do it".

That's where we come in. Our customers are thriving in their industries. They are the businesses whose owners have recognised the need to grab technology by the horns and optimise their processes in the best way for them – not the best way to match a software provider.

We often work with customers who have learnt the hard way that off-the-shelf solutions often end up creating inflexible processes, information silos, rework, errors and duplication.

Our role is to look at your business as a whole and deliver an end to end technical solution which is lean and cost effective.

Who is an application written for?

Any business could potentially benefit from a bespoke application. Everyone uses software to run their business (even if only Outlook for email and Excel for accounts), and a lot of businesses find that the off-the-shelf products they use don't quite work the way they need them to.

Imagine if every time you thought "wouldn't it be nice if it could...", you just picked up the phone, and shortly (often the very next day), it just does?

Some examples of what a bespoke business application could do:

  • Produce complex business and financial reports at the click of a button
  • Write-once, read-anywhere: Enter your information once, and have it automatically output in whatever form you require. No more copying data from one place to another!
  • Automatically alert (SMS, email etc) Mr Smith when his widgit is dispatched
  • Automatically generate branded, PDF based invoices when due
  • Automatically chase outstanding invoices!
  • Automatically remind customers they haven't given you all the details you need from them
  • Allow you to create attractive newsletters including uploaded images and whatever text you like, and send at the click of a button to your entire database - or selected demographics within
  • Improve customer service by setting reliable reminders for key communications (or even automating communications)
  • Categorise your data how you want it categorised, not how the guys who wrote the software thought you would want it

You might be surprised by just what is possible with todays technology.. test us out!

If you are a company owner who doesn’t want to be a slave to your software, but wants a well oiled machine which consistently delivers quality and manages your work flows then we are definitely going to be able to help you.

What does it cost?

Of course this is the question in most people's mind. After all, money no object, who wouldn't want to use something written specifically for them, that satisfies every business requirement they have, and makes their life easier and more productive?!

The answer of course is that the cost varies depending on what is actually required from the application. Our projects have ranged from £5000 upwards. We believe, and have had repeated feedback confirming, that our prices are extremely competitive for the grade of product provided.

We always submit a full proposal for any work, which fully details the costs of each aspect of the project, and enables you to cherry pick required features or break the features into a modular deliverable if the overall cost is over your preferred budget.


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