Selected clients

We work with a diverse set of clients, which highlights how we are able to work across any industry sector.

Travel: Charity Challenge. Back office booking system managing all apsects of the booking lifecycle, management reports and dynamic public website.

Human Resources: HandoverHR. Back office process management system with integration to phone system for tracking time. Private system.

Data/document management: Total Data Management. Private system for internal and client use to manage large volumes of physically warehoused and digital assets.

Recruitment: One Way Resourcing. Private and client-accessible system for management of large volumes of candidate placements and finances. Private visual KPI dashboard.

Online Tutoring: MyTutorWeb. Dynamic public website with video/whiteboard classrooms. Back office system to manage bookings and finances.

Manufacturing: Procter and Gamble. Private back office system helping the business manage and forecast material spend with their suppliers.

Health: MyHealthSpecialist. Dynamic public website with back office management

Finance: ClearlySo. Dynamic public website

Detailed case studies

Please note: We are under NDA for many of our projects so there is a lot of great stuff that we cannot share publicly.

That said, we have number of clients who are happy to share the details of the work we have done with them with companies outside their own industry.

If you are interested in reading one or more of our case studies, please get in touch - we'll be very happy to send you some suitable documents!


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