Why do you donate services to charity?

We aim to select a charity to donate our services to every year. This is down to the personal goals of our senior staff - who believe that there is a lot more to life than making money.

IT is what we are best at, so this is how we choose to give back to the world.

What do you offer?

We offer the full spectrum of our services, completely free of charge. Projects could be from a straightforward editable website, to a bespoke backoffice admin system. When we choose to donate our services, we do not charge a penny.

How do you choose which charities you support and donate services to?

Some charities we are already aware of, of course. In addition, the UK charity commission details all registered charities in the UK. We look for charities working in areas close to our hearts. We also invite charities to contact us for consideration.

What are the ongoing cost implications for charities you donate to?

Exactly the same as the upfront cost - nothing. We do not seek to gain any revenue from these chosen charities - this is something we do for personal fulfilment only.

On occasions a charity might require a product we would source from a third party - a license for Microsoft Office for example; in this instance we provide products at cost price.

What can we offer charities that don't get awarded a free service?

Not every charity may be able to benefit from our free services, but ALL charities will be able to take advantage of the 10% charity discount we offer.


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