Growing pains aren't just for teenagers

That cheap and cheerful software package you bought when you had just a few staff worked great, but what now?

No dead ends - many off-the-shelf packages can be dead ends if you outgrow them, leaving you with a system that will take a major effort to replace - with no guarantee that the same won't happen again during your next growth phase!

Our software can grow with you. We use Enterprise-ready technology, meaning that we can scale upwards and outwards - you can assured that it'll never have to be ripped out and thrown away.

Flexible - need to change things now you have a second location? That's the beauty of bespoke - it can evolve with you.

No user licenses - The other key advantage is that we don't charge by the user. You pay us to build your software, that's all. If you end up with 10,000 users, great!


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