The Mercury1 team

A little bit of background on the guys and girl that make up our small team of experts.

Phil Haigh - Founder

Climber. Coder. Chief-geek.
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Natalie Haigh - Director

Creative, gregarious techie. They exist!
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Stew Ward - Director

Cyclist. Triathlete. Software engineer.
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A few facts:

  • Phil loves solving complex problems. Even as a kid he was competing in international chess competitions.
  • Graduated from Leicester with a degree in Physics and Space Science in 2000 (our own Rocket Scientist!).
  • Initially worked for an IT consultancy and was then poached into the mobile industry where he became a lead architect for a company who was a leader in the launch of 3G mobile.
  • He left the world of big business to escape his dislike of fluorescent strip lights and corporate politics.
  • He's not a typical geek. He loves being outside rock climbing and is pretty good at most sports (except golf!).
  • Mostly though he’s a really nice, honest guy who believes it’s important to be the best you can be.

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Phil on LinkedIn

A few facts:

  • Natalie enthusiastically facilitates solutions to problems with a can do attitude.
  • She is not afraid to make tough decisions, has the willingness to get stuck in and the intelligence to select the right things to focus on.
  • She has experience of how many different businesses operate and likes to use this knowledge to help others.
  • Her degree in Management and Information Systems at Royal Holloway lead her into the world of international IT consulting.
  • Then at P&G she helped save over 1 million by implementing innovation projects.
  • She says if you can take on a leadership role at a German manufacturing plant without speaking any German then you can do anything.
  • Smart, friendly, innovative and helpful. She loves working with charities or worthy causes.

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Natalie on LinkedIn

A few facts:

  • Stew is a scientist and a sportsman; he graduated from Durham with a degree in Natural Sciences in 2000 and later from Loughborough with a masters in Sports Biomechanics.
  • To say he likes cycling would be an understatement. He's been involved in it at every level from working for British Triathlon, volunteering at the Olympics, training and racing for hours, running events and coaching other young athletes.
  • He worked for Accenture as a senior consultant for 8 years on projects with the likes of Unilever & Sainsbury.
  • Nowadays he likes using his business skills to help smaller companies have access to the same level of service as the big companies.
  • He applies the discipline that he gets from sport into helping his clients everyday and still gets time to fit in a four hour hill ride (which apparently he enjoys!)..
  • Down to earth, reliable and practical. He’s the kind of consultant that doesn’t talk nonsense or just say what you want to hear.

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Stew on LinkedIn


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